Diamond Organizasyon

Yacht Tour and Laser Marriage Proposal

• 1 Hour Super Luxury V.I.P Yacht Tour
• A table decoration in the desired colors and specially decorated for you
• Decorate your table and Bed ( with candlesticks, candles,crystals, and rose petals )
* Cocktail Menu for 2 People
• Broadcast music consisting of songs you want especially for you during the night
• Writing your Marriage Proposal words on the Bridge of the Bosphorus with a 30 Watt Color Laser.
* Volcano ( cold fire) show at the moment of surprise
• Service and Photoshoot by our female organizer during the night
• Personalized Flower Bouquet
• Special Congratulatory Cake in the form of a Heart
• Personalized Music Broadcasting Throughout the Night

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Read on for all the details of the yacht tour and the marriage proposal with Lazer…
Our Snack Cocktail Menu
• Fruit Plate
* Cheese Plate
* Chocolates
* Chips Cookies and Kurdite
* Crispy breadcrumbs ( accompanied by olive oil and balsamic sauce)
* Olive Varieties (accompanied by special sauces)
• 1 Bottle of Wine
• Unlimited Soft Drinks
How about taking a step where you will unite your lives with the woman you love by proposing marriage accompanied by a yacht tour and a laser show? Unlike ordinary marriage proposals, an unforgettable experience awaits you with a yacht tour that offers you the most romantic moment and a marriage proposal organization accompanied by a laser show.
Yacht Tour and Marriage Proposal with Lazer
Get Ready For the Marriage Proposal First!
Of course, the engagement ring is one of the most important aspects of a successful proposal. Because your lover will wear it for a long time. If you are going to surprise them with style, think about what their current style is. You can get information from jewelers or online resources. Rings can be expensive, but since this is for the love of your life, it may be worth the splurge. In this direction, you can be ready for a marriage proposal.
When you have a ring in your hand, it’s time to plan your proposal. There are so many places where you can learn about creative marriage proposal ideas. One of them is our company, which operates as a Diamond Organization. Think about what your partner might like. Whether it’s something intimate, a larger gesture, or something between. Whatever the budget, make sure that the place is beautiful and meaningful for both of you. It can be the place where you first met or even your house decorated with candles. You can find ideas online, but the offer shouldn’t feel like something anyone can do. In this direction, you can both propose marriage and make the woman you love feel special.
For more information about the marriage proposal, you can contact us or visit our Diamond Yacht Charter page. Don’t forget to check out the Marriage Proposal Packages page on the Yacht to check out our other packages.